Monday, December 23, 2013

Eakins: Smart Like a Fox or Just One Dumb SOB

by Jeremy Wright

I haven't taken the time to read much today but I have had enough time to digest what Eakins said and it boils down to one of two things. He's either smart like a fox or the dumbest SOB to ever stand behind the Oilers' bench.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

@blackdogpat - A man wiser than I

by Jeremy Wright

If you are a man (or woman) and have never taken the time to read the styling of Pat McLean, purveyor of Black Dog hates Skunks, then shame on you. His musings are always a breath of fresh air and, if you suspend your dis-beliefs for a moment, you could almost follow his teachings as religion. A bit of a stretch... but it brings me to the reason for this post.
He puzzled and puzzled til his his puzzler was sore.
I need to be more like Pat.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Problem With Preseason

By Jeremy Wright: on twitter as @borisnikov

I'm mad as hell... but I'm going to stop the spewing of my anger towards the humam-donkey-blobfish hybrid meathead ZacK Kassian and "players" of his ilk. It is time for a change in approach.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Center Depth, What to do?

By Jeremy Wright: on twitter as @borisnikov

There is an interesting situation heating up down the middle of the Oilers' roster. For years fans have bemoaned the severe lack of depth the team has iced at center. We've waited patiently for this issue to get sorted out and I think that is what is beginning to take form.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


It's finally here! Preseason Games 1 and 1A take place tonight in Edmonton and Calgary as the Oilers take on the Flames in a couple of split squad games. 
I'll be at Rexall getting my first in person glimpse of the Dallas Eakins led Edmonton Oilers.

Ever since Oilers 2013 2nd round pick Marco Roy hopped over the boards during the first Oiler Rookie game in Penticton, he's quickly become one of my favourite prospects.  The first thing that jumps out at you when watching Marco Roy is his skating. While I watched Roy wheel around the ice with a smooth almost effortless stride against the Flames rookies, I couldn't help but be reminded a little bit of Ales Hemsky.  Roy showed true to his draft scouting reports and displayed a high energy motor, which when combined with his plus skating helped make Roy an absolute demon retrieving countless loose pucks.  For me he was head and shoulders the best player on the Oiler squad in the rookie tournament. I will be watching very closely tonight to see if Roy can step up his game to the next level on a line with Joensuu and Lander and continue what has been a very strong first impression. My early feeling is the Oilers scouting staff uncovered a gem when they called Marco Roy's name 56th overall.

After a less than stellar first Rookie game, 7th overall pick Darnell Nurse has elevated his level of play.  For a big and mean SOB defender, his ability to activate and join the rush makes for one really unique and intriguing package. We'll see how that translates tonight in a pairing with Andrew Ference.

Although it is just preseason game one, I will be watching closely how the Dallas Eakin's SWARM defensive system looks in action.  After last season and Ralph Krueger's oh how about we call it the GONGSHOW defensive system the change in tactics is definitely welcomed by this Oiler fan. I know, I know it's just preseason, but 2 wins tonight against the Flames would be a great way to start it all off.